It’ll Be Here Tomorrow

St. Thomas, USVI – Day 21

Got a chance to go to the new site today up at the armory. It’s a bit of a ride from our main camp. Not so much in distance, but traffic. Same thing there, building more tents. Of course, though, we’re still waiting for the rest of that kit to come in. We have everything except the soft (zipper) doors that go on the back of the tents. Yesterday they box was supposed to be here tomorrow.  Today it’ll be here tomorrow. Taking bets on whether or not it will ‘be here tomorrow’ tomorrow.


For lunch we drove down the street for burgers at the Tap & Still. This part of the island seems a little more, for lack of a better term, city like. There’s a shopping areas, restaurants and all the usual things you see around tourist centers. But like a lot of the island you can still see the impact of the storm.


It was a shorter day today because we have to leave that site early in order to beat the traffic to get back to camp, otherwise it would take an incredibly long time. I don’t think I’ve mentioned it but stoplights pretty much no longer exist. They used to, but all the ones I’ve seen thus far have ranged from partially destroyed to totally destroyed. Not that I think they would have had that much of an impact on traffic…

2017-10-04 15.36.52

Really glad I’m not a boat insurer though…


Author: Jonathan Rodriguez-Lucas

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