While it’s not necessarily a new revelation I am finding the need to sort out my priorities. Primarily in the area of what I want to spend my time on each day. This has become even more of an issue as I am not currently working. Obviously some time has to be spent on a job search, some time spent with The Peanut, some time spent on house projects, and some on other personal things, such as tackling Breath of the Wild or working out. Continue reading “Priorities”

Maximum Effort, Minimum Consideration

In any job search there is one thing that the company spends so little time considering, but on which the applicant spends so much time, effort, sweat, blood, and even the sacrifice of a small rodent. That would, of course, be the résumé. Continue reading “Maximum Effort, Minimum Consideration”

“I Would Be Remiss”

I attended my first political debate today for the mayor of University Heights. I arrived early and took a seat. After the debate began I quickly realized that I was in the wrong room. In the first 27 seconds of the debate there was no petty name calling, no sexist, racist or otherwise bigoted remarks. I therefore quickly and quietly made my way out of the room in search of the correct one.

Ultimately I was left the way I feel all debates should leave one: swayed, but still in need of research.

Over the course of the hour and a half long debate I did come to one major realization: no mater how civil a discourse, the phrase “I would be remiss” is the civil way of throwing a giant middle finger to your opponent.

Zoom Zoom

If there’s one thing that this last trip to St. Thomas has shown me it’s the need for a stand alone camera. Whether that be a point-and-shoot (which would be optimal for said trip) or a full blown DSLR. Ultimately it will no doubt end up as both. Though I have actually been impressed with the way phone cameras have evolved, my main complaint is the lack of optical zoom. Digital zoom is, for the most part, worthless.

Flower and I took a point and shoot with us to Greece and even though it wasn’t top of the line, the pictures it produced were significantly better than the ones we took on our phones. It also helped that it was waterproof so we could take it swimming in a cave.

Of course if/when I do got the DSLR route my biggest problem will be what to get.