Back[hoe] At It

St. Thomas, USVI – Day 20

I was on the backhoe again this morning, and yes, it’s still beeping. I actually remembered to bring my headphones this time so at least I could drown it out a little better than with just ear plugs. I cleared out one pile and went to start on another, but we didn’t take much of the second one as it was full of junk and debris. Not exactly what you want when you’re trying to build a road and paths. Hopefully we can get some more rock from the local contractor.

One of the neat things I’ve seen is that there are these tiny little birds that absolutely love when we’re doing any kind of dirt work. There have been times when there have been swarms of them picking over freshly turned dirt to get all the delicious bugs that are now on the surface. I haven’t gotten any pictures of them yet and I have no idea what kind they are, but I did meet this guy today:

Not the first one I’ve seen since we’ve been here, but definitely the best picture of one that I’ve gotten. It’s kind of neat to see all this different animals, crabs, iguanas, tiny little turned dirt loving birds (which I believe may have be Puerto Rican Flycatchers), just hanging out. You don’t exactly see this in Cleveland. All we have is deer. And sometimes coyotes.

We’ve slowly been making all the little modifications to our new area again, trying to make it feel like ours. Which isn’t hard considering we built all this. But every little bit helps so we’re not consistently reminded that we’re living in a field of mud.


Author: Jonathan Rodriguez-Lucas

I've traveled the world, but the exploration never ends. I've run marathons, but the race is far from over. I've completed life goals, but strive for more. I have questions with no answers, and answers to questions I've yet to ask.

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