While it’s not necessarily a new revelation I am finding the need to sort out my priorities. Primarily in the area of what I want to spend my time on each day. This has become even more of an issue as I am not currently working. Obviously some time has to be spent on a job search, some time spent with The Peanut, some time spent on house projects, and some on other personal things, such as tackling Breath of the Wild or working out.

The trick is coming up with a balance of all these things so that I don’t feel like I’m giving up one thing for another, or if I have/choose to, that the given up item will not be significantly impacted.

One thing I know I need to work on mornings. Not just waking up in the morning (which thanks to our adorably alarm clock makes it nigh impossible to sleep in), but actually starting tasks in the morning. I’ve never been much of a morning person and even when I’m working it’s always a bit of a challenge to get my brain in gear before 9:30. That was the one benefit of an hour long commute back when I had that, at least when I got to the office at least I felt somewhat engaged. No doubt because I was also probably talking at The Cheese Puff or to Lion.

Well, I hadn’t exactly started out in search of a task but I think I’ve found my first priority: getting my day started.



As much as I’m not a morning person, I would still like to be in a position where I have breakfast meetings.


Author: Jonathan Rodriguez-Lucas

I've traveled the world, but the exploration never ends. I've run marathons, but the race is far from over. I've completed life goals, but strive for more. I have questions with no answers, and answers to questions I've yet to ask.

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