Hurry Up and Maintain

St. Thomas, USVI – Day 27

Still another day without a whole lot to do. But that’s the life when your mission is to maintain what you built. You just sit around and wait for something to break. Which of course, when you’re as good as we are, doesn’t happen. So the morning was spent mostly reading. Which in and of itself was not a bad thing. There was some talk about going up to clear a road, which I was excited about because that’s one of the things we thought we might be doing when we got here. So I also helped load a skid steer onto a roll off truck. And then we sat and waited for some Blackhawks to bring us chain saws. Which, of course, never came. Well, the helicopters did, but there weren’t any chainsaws on them. And then we found out that there were but that they’d been sent up to the armory, but also there was no gas for them. Guess we’ll try again tomorrow. In the afternoon though I did get a little stick time digging a trench and a hole for some more drainage that we were putting in in another part of the site.

It’s been raining a lot the past few days. I think I need to go to Arizona for a week or so when I get back, where it’s dry, rocky and there are no mosquitos.

2017-10-10 14.18.12

We may be out as early as tomorrow. There’s a KC135 that’s supposed to be bringing in our relief sometime tomorrow, probably late, and the hope is that we can get on that and at least get to Savannah and if we’re lucky a Mansfield C130 could then get us shortly thereafter. Though even if we had a night in Savanah we could at least be somewhat rested when we get home and I won’t have to sleep on the shop floor for a couple hours. But even if it means sleeping on the shop floor for a couple hours it’ll be very nice to be home.

Author: Jonathan Rodriguez-Lucas

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