Bienvenidos a…Homestead

St. Thomas, USVI – Day 6/Homestead, FL – Day 1

Woke up late today. Not a whole lot to do. We had a quick meeting where we were pretty much told that we could do whatever today. Milled around in the gym a bit, went over to the BX to pick up a few odds and ends then went to lunch at the DFAC. Got a chance to video chat with Flower and The Peanut for a while. Will have to take plenty of advantage of that while I still have reliable internet access.

After that I went with a couple other guys to see a The Hitman’s Bodyguard. Actually it was thoroughly entertaining. I’m fairly sure that Samuel L. Jackson hit a new record on “motherfucker”. There was another lady in the theater with us who said that her power still had not been restored so she has just been “going to all the cool places”. She’s probably seen every movie there twice.

A Cat

Afterwards we stopped at Portofino Coal Fired Pizza for dinner, which was insanely delicious.

The highlight of the night though was karaoke. I’ll just leave this here:


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