Once More Unto the Breach, Dear Friends

Can one really pick up where they left off?

I’ve been following a friend and his endeavor to post every day. When yet another friend was inspired to pick up the torch I began to hark back to days long past. Granted they are far more loquacious then I. Still, I wondered if it was something I could keep up. What would I even write about?

Recently I’ve been overcome with an urge to better myself, both physically and mentally. Perhaps some kind of latent reaction to basic. Overall not a bad thing, but there remains the question: with so many ideas, where does one begin?

So here we are, my dear friends, once more we head unto the breach. Where we end up, only time will tell, and we won’t know how far we’ve gone until we look back and see where we’ve been.

How much better can we be? Will it be enough?

Author: Jonathan Rodriguez-Lucas

I've traveled the world, but the exploration never ends. I've run marathons, but the race is far from over. I've completed life goals, but strive for more. I have questions with no answers, and answers to questions I've yet to ask.

2 thoughts on “Once More Unto the Breach, Dear Friends”

    1. I’m in. However, I may require a hiatus should we be activated to go rebuild Florida. In which case I will either queue up posts as best I can, or make up the missed days on the back end.


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