On Leadership

Will you build people up? Or tear them down?

Back in August I was asked by the commander to write some words on leadership for the monthly drill newsletter. When I sat down to write, of course I found I had nothing to say. I had many thoughts and feelings on the subject, but lacked the requisite words to actually get across those thoughts and feelings. I wrote a couple of generic paragraphs on staying strong in the current social/public health/political environment. But the subject, clearly, has stayed on my mind.

I’ve thought more and more about it over the weeks, and really, the kind of leader you are or want to be depends almost entirely on your actions. You may not be the smartest, fastest, or strongest, but that has almost nothing to do with how you lead. Your people are a reflection of you as a leader.

Do you build people up? Or do you tear them down?

Do you push them to better themselves? Or do you allow their worst habits to fester?

Do you give them the freedom to make decisions? Or do you restrict their autonomy?

Do you seek and accept input from those with experience? Or do you reject information that goes against your preconceived notions or personal ambitions?

Are you truthful and forthright? Or are you deceitful and condescending?

I could go on.

What kind of leader do you want to be?

But more importantly, what kind of leader do you want to follow?