It’s the Little Things

While sipping tea atop the Etihad towers and munching on tea food I came across one of the more brilliant minor designs that I have seen. One of the issues that annoys me most about dining in a restaurant is the final bill. Not the paying or the final total (though these too can be issues of annoyance) but in how the bill is presented. Specifically that, when paying by card, there is nowhere to put the pen. When presented in a folder, the pen often prevents the folder from closing. On occasion there is enough room to tuck it in the spine, but while functional, it is less then ideal as it puts added stress on the seam and results in a broken folder (a broken or *gasp* missing credit card holder in a folder sets off a serious neurotic episode, and let’s not even discuss the ‘coin’ problem).

This issue is not limited to chain or ‘casual’ restaurants. I have encountered it in some quite fancy places.

Whoever Jumeirah obtains their restaurant supplies from seems to have solved this issue:

2017-11-18 15.39.15

This is brilliant on two levels: First: There is a specific, defined location to place the pen allowing the folder to be closed and allowing both objects to remain in a ‘natural’ state. Second: Magnets. Magnets are always brilliant.

So if you ever find yourself in Abu Dhabi and want to experience some subtle yet brilliant design might I suggest high tea atop the Etihad towers?

There’s also an amazing view, if you’re in to that kind of thing.

It’s the little things.

Author: Jonathan Rodriguez-Lucas

I've traveled the world, but the exploration never ends. I've run marathons, but the race is far from over. I've completed life goals, but strive for more. I have questions with no answers, and answers to questions I've yet to ask.

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