Hurry Up and Wait

St. Thomas, USVI – Day 1

Anyone who has ever been in the military will understand the concept of hurry up and wait better than those that haven’t. It’s not so much that there’s a mad dash to get ready only to sit there for a long while. After the long wait comes another mad dash. Continue reading “Hurry Up and Wait”

One A Day

So as you or may not have noticed I have joined Andrew, Eric, and Teddy in the One A Day post challenge. While in the process of being terribly difficult, Andrew publicly challenged me to post one post a day for the rest of September and, because I’m jumping in mid month, the entirety of October as well.

I hereby publicly accept. Continue reading “One A Day”

The Same Coin

I spent a lot of today wondering what I would say here that has been said by everyone else writing about today. Yes, it is the 16th anniversary of the September 11th attack. Yes, we have been at war for the past 16 years. And yes, we should all stop and think about those that lost their lives in the attack, and those that have lost their lives in the actions since then. Continue reading “The Same Coin”