Fast and the Furious: Singapore Smash

St. Thomas, USVI – Day 7/Homestead, FL – Day 2

If I had to choose a single food item that Americans take for granted without even realizing it that would probably be ice. I know I’m always thinking about it at parties and such. But what do you do if you run out of ice? Why just run down to the corner store and get another bag or three. What do you do if you’re on an island that just got rocked by a massive hurricane? Continue reading “Fast and the Furious: Singapore Smash”

Bienvenidos a…Homestead

St. Thomas, USVI – Day 6/Homestead, FL – Day 1

Woke up late today. Not a whole lot to do. We had a quick meeting where we were pretty much told that we could do whatever today. Milled around in the gym a bit, went over to the BX to pick up a few odds and ends then went to lunch at the DFAC. Got a chance to video chat with Flower and The Peanut for a while. Will have to take plenty of advantage of that while I still have reliable internet access. Continue reading “Bienvenidos a…Homestead”


St. Thomas, USVI – Day 5, Homestead, FL – Day 0

Today we were woken up at 5:30 am and told we had to pack now, we were leaving at 7:30. This was quickly revised to 1730, which is very different. We got up, had breakfast and then tore down the remaining tents and packed them up. Anyone who has ever been camping knows that once you take the tent out of the box you can never get it back in the same way. These tents are no different. Continue reading “Evac”


St. Thomas, USVI – Day 3

Last night I showered. Very nice to feel clean considering the rain, heat, and mud. Probably the greatest pleasure of the day was when we were done and I got back in the tent and took my boots off to let my feet dry. There’s a little shop down the street, I’ll have to see if I can get some Gold Bond there. Continue reading “Evac…?”